T Ring

A new standard in digit wound care.
The T-Ring is the world’s first One-Size-Fits-All tourniquet for digits,

The T-Ring Advantages:
The T-Ring provides the advantages of tourniquet use while reducing the risk:

  • 1. Faster:
    • a. Immediately stops bleeding
    • b. Simple slide-on application
  • 2. Easier:
    • a. One Size Fits All
    • b. No cutting, rolling or clamping.
  • 3. Safer:
    • a. Highly visible, won’t forget on digit
    • b. Applies a safe pressure every time
    • c. Impossible to over-tighten
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Fetal Pillow

The Fetal Pillow™ is a disposable balloon device that is designed to atraumatically disimpact the engaged fetal head, through elevation, out of the pelvis prior to C-Section (CS) incision thus avoiding the difficulties that result in high complications. More Info

Easy Cryo

Conventional refrigerants such as cold bags, cold air, ice packs, ice sprays etc. change their temperature while in use, their temperature cannot be determined or controlled accurately, and can damage skin and tissue. EasyCryo induces a thermal Shock that it’s triggered through the receptors beneath the skin. This achieved only if the surface skin temperature is below 5° C and pressure is around 50 bar; and this will give four effects:

  • 1. Analgesic effect
  • 2. Antiphlogistic/Anti-Inflammatory effect
  • 3. Vasomotor effect
  • 4. Neurological/Myorelaxant effect
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Alkant IS

The first COLD DRY, STERILE SINGLE-USE COMPRESS, constant between 41°F AND 53,6°F UP TO 3 HRS, can be used in the operating room. More Info